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Shoelaces Size Guides

Here you will find a range of shoelaces size guides and shoelace size charts for various shoe brands including lifestyle shoes, running shoes, casual and formal shoe types. If you are looking for information and advice to determine the length of a shoelaces for a particular shoe please use the sizes guides below to help you with finding the correct shoelace length you require. You will find information for shoelace sizes for sneakers and more.

How to find shoelaces sizes by eyelets

You can easily source the correct shoelaces size for you shoes by using the number of eyelets on the shoe. By counting the number of eyelets you can use the below chart to easily find the correct length of shoelace that you will need for your shoes. Most shoes and trainers will generally use 120 – 130 cm length shoelaces. However, by using the below chart you can find a closer desired fit. We recommend choosing one eyelet count above for if you prefer to have slightly longer shoelaces for double knotted lacing.

4 eyelets 70 CM  36 In
5 eyelets 90 – 120 CM 36 – 45 In
6 eyelets 120 – 137 CM 36 – 45 In
7 eyelets 137 – 160 CM 54 – 63 In
8 eyelets 140 – 160 CM 63 – 72 In
9 eyelets 182 CM 72 In
10 eyelets 182 CM 72 In

Shoelace sizing guides for shoe brands

Choose from below to find sizing guides for shoelaces by shoe brands and retailers.