Air Forces Laces

Shopping Replacements for Nike Air Forces Laces

Replacements & alternative Nike Air Force Shoelaces

Swap and replace your Nike Air Force shoelaces with replacement shoelaces. Shoelaces for shoes, trainers and sneakers over time become worn, threaded and can need replacing to keep your trainers looking their best. Our replacement shoelaces are a great option when you want to replace, change colour or swap out your air forces shoelaces with new replacements

Replacing your Nike Air Force One Shoelaces

Easily change and swap the laces

Daily wear can be frustrating. Dirt and wear and can make your nike trainers look old, worn and tatty and shoelaces are a focal point of your love Air Forces. New Air Forces laces either white, black or alternative colours can instantly freshen up the look of the sneakers and get the original look and feel quickly from a simple change.


Key benefits

  • Remove dirt and marks
  • No more threads or broken aglets
  • Instantly make your shoes look fresh and new in apperance

Replace, longer life and more affordable

Our shoelaces are designed to replace the sneaker shoelaces to achieve an original look so you can continue the life of your loved sneaker. If your Nike shoelaces become worn and dirty replacement alternatives are the best way to breathe life back into your trainers. Made from polyester and chosen to achieve an original look from length and thickness you can easily extend the life of your Nike shoelaces.


Key benefits

  • Extended life or your trainers
  • Orginal look and style
  • Change shoelace colour

Air Force Shoelace Colour Change

Different outfits and different styles look great with alternative shoelace colours. Our laces are available in multiple colours enabling you to have a selection of colours for your favourite Air Forces. Looking to incorporate an all black style or add some colour to your sneakers with red laces can be achieved by having a selection of shoelaces in various colours to switch out and change to suit your outfit.


Key benefits

    • Colours for various styles
    • Mulitple options for your outfit

AF1 Laces Style

Air Force 1 generally uses flat shoelaces across 8 eyelets from 49 – 54 inches or 120 – 140 cm in length. The width or shoelaces usually uses a wide fit lace that is fixed with a cross lacing style. Most often Air Force sneakers are supplied with white laces and sometimes black. For original look and style we recommended choosing either white or black laces.


Improve your sneaker collection with shoelace accessories to make the ultimate edition to your nike wardrobe. With premium alternatives, metal aglets, multiple colour options or lace type customise your laces to be an accessory feature that is instagram worthy. All our shoelace accessories are easily interchangeable making sneaker styling more unique to your styling and personal preference.


  1. Metal aglets
  2. Round or flat shoelaces
  3. Unqiue styling options

Shoelaces are more than just laces

Air Force Shoelace sizing

Finding the correct length and style is essential for achieving the original look of your sneakers. Too long and you can end up with excess shoelace that looks bad and can easily get dirty and worn. Too thick or thin and you can find the original look is lost. To get the correct length use the below guides to help find the right length for an Air Force shoelace.


Air Force 1 Shoelace Length;

Trainer Air Force 1
Eyelets 8
Lace Type Flat
Length (Inches) 49 – 54 In
Length (CM) 120 – 140 CM

Shoelace replacement made easy

Our shoelaces will provide you with all you need to replace your Air Forces with new premium shoelaces. Each set of laces comes in a pair at the correct size and length of the shoe you are looking to replace making shoelace replacement simpel, easy and effective. Get your Nike’s looking new again with our replacement shoelaces.